Monday, November 11, 2013

Matrilineal Monday - The Ladies of the McGregor Family

Every now and then,  all family tree researchers come across a small item, whether it be a letter, photo, postcard or newspaper clipping that opens the door to some  new and exciting family links. This was my fortune a couple of weeks, when visiting an Aunt.  We were comparing notes on our family tree, and she gave me a copy of the photo (above)  of Margaret and James McGregor surrounded by their children, spouses and grandchildren. 

Margaret McPherson married James McGregor on 23 June 1859, at the Presbyterian Church,  Jinglemoney, NSW. Margaret and James had a large family of three boys and nine girls.   How amazing was it to have access to this photo of the family which has each member of the family identified.

I spent the whole of our 4 hour trip home from my Aunt's place (luckily my husband was happy to drive) searching on my Ipad, and filling in gaps on my online family tree.  This picture gave me so many clues, most importantly the married names of the McGregor women.

This new stream of information has opened the door to my next project for The Other Half of My Tree - stories of my female ancestors, and over the next few weeks I shall attempt to write about each of the McGregor sisters.


  1. Wow - what a fabulous picture to have! No wonder you were distracted.

    1. Yes, I am really looking forward to piecing together the stories of all the McGregor sisters and their families.